In a New Interview, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Sketches a Vision of the Future

When Bitcoin was trading at and near record highs not so long ago, few people could spare the time or energy to worry about its future. Since then, valuations for Bitcoin and many other cryptographic currencies have declined significantly, even if they now trade more in line with what expert expects.

The more-grounded cryptographic currency industry of today is a place where far more thought about what is to come is happening. The CEO of crypto exchange Binance, for example, recently gave an interview where he expressed his thoughts and hopes regarding a variety of related matters. The latest binance news, which has the exchange preparing to open a new office in Malta, is another sign of the strategic progress that is now being made.

Blockchain and Crypto Leaders See a Future of Specialization and Plenty

The Binance CEO is a veteran in the financial industry and has been present for plenty of interesting developments over the course of his career. With the crypto industry now seemingly in a place of stability relative to where it once was, thinking more about the future has become a lot easier. In his recent interview, Binance leader Changpeng Zhao predicted that the future for cryptographic currencies and blockchain technology, in general, will be one of:

Opportunity. The way that the value of so many cryptographic currencies has declined suggests to some that something of a bubble has burst. Many other observers, however, still believe that decentralized currencies will be a prominent feature of the near future. Leaders like Changpeng Zhao are confident that so much demand will exist that there will be little need for cutthroat attitudes. Some of those who have heard the Binance CEO say “We don’t want to compete with Coinbase” might be skeptical, but many more understand the underlying reasoning.

Focus. It had seemed to some for quite a while that a single, generalized blockchain technology could serve a vast variety of needs very well. That perception has started to shift, however, with many more now believing that specialization will be a better way forward. In his recent interview, Changpeng Zhao spoke to how blockchains designed from the ground up to serve specific needs are more likely to receive the attention and adoption that are necessary for success.

Exciting Times Await the Blockchain

Coming on top of binance news like the company’s plan to open a new office, thoughts like these have impressed many observers. Many now see a rapid maturing of the cryptographic currency industry either already underway or certain to begin very soon.


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